staying on top of things

Blogging as we all know is a tough job! it’s tough to keep yourself motivated to post interesting content at all times. How do you fellow bloggers do it? I find myself posting quite a bit to my other social media networks such as instagram and Twitter. And as a result neglecting my other blogs.  Do you believe that the face of blogging is changing? And maybe we are leaning more towards “140 characters” or less and more frequent updates, and a picture is worth a thousand words? Rather than updating our blogs such as wordpress and blogger?  I’m curious to know how all the bloggers out there remain revelant and up to date with the changing stream of social media.


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No One

I am nobody.

I am no one.

I am unknown.

my existance is mondain.

my life is routine.

I am no one.



a part of the machine.


I am nobody.


going with the ebb and flow

the push and the pull

I am unknown

no body, noone

settled in the routine.

collective of the generally population.

Jane Doe.

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Spring is in the air

I love Vancouver when the streets are damp and coloured pink by a sea of evenly fallen cherry blossoms. There is a certain stillness, a certain calmness as if you’re the only one experiencing this beauty. I can get lost in these blossoms forever.



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Sketching on Plexi

My work was throwing out plexi glass, from a window display so I took a few pieces home and decided to sketch on them. This is the result.





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“Lately, I’ve been loosing sleep!”

For the past couple of weeks I can’t seem to get into the right head space creatively. I’ve even tried meditation, but nothing.. I don’t understand what’s causing this blockage. But I’ve started exercises, like forcing myself to draw, read, brainstorm ideas for projects. The result of which is I’m up all night trying to get my brain to stop. Wind down a little. But still producing no real work. Very frustrating

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Late night doodling

I’m up late tonight doing a little doodling.





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DIY Copper Christmas Tree with glass ornaments

My fiancé and I both love to work with our hands and create little whimsical things. In our latest calloboration together he made this beautiful copper tree perched on a rock. And my input was the Christmas ornaments with moss and bits of fir pine needles from our Christmas tree inside. Below are pictures of the outcome of the project. Leave a comment tell us what you think.



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