GLOWZILLA! – My November Favourite Highlighters.



I feel nothing completes your makeup application than a really nice healthy glow. Often times that glow could just be your inner beauty shimmering through. Sometimes though we need a little help. Here is a list of my favourite highlighters of November. Most of these serve a dual purposes.  The first is Two Faced – Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer. This you may say isn’t a highlighter but I use it as one. C’mon rules are meant to be bended.

1. Two Faced – Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer. – $38.00


This gives you a nice golden, warmth to your skin. Works especially well on dark-skinned tones as a highlighter and on lighter skin tones as a Bronzer. This was my top favourite this month simply because you can wear it everyday. Ideal for work, or just popping out to do errands. It’s soft shimmer plays nicely off the light and looks great in photos


2. The Este Edit by Este Lauder – Hi Lo Styl0 Contour + Highlight (medium/dark) – $34.00



The Este Edit by Este Lauder – Hi Lo Styl0 Contour + Highlight  in medium/dark is perfect for precise highlighting. Especially down the bridge of your nose or high on the cheekbones. but completely secondary to that. THAT CONTOUR PENCIL THO!! this is perhaps the best contour pencil there is.  This is perfect for the jaw line and general contour.  Again another staple in my daily makeup routine. Another plus is this is easily blendable. I bought this at my local Sephora and thought  hmm, it’s a little pricey for what you actually get. But a little goes a long way and the $34.00 is worth it. Yes,  you read that correctly $34.00 steep but worth it.


3. M.A.C.  Studio QuikTrik Stick – $37.00


I bought this on impulse and I regretted it almost immediately. Although I do love M.A.C. Foundations and concealers I thought for sure without first testing, that this would be the amazing. And in all honest, it’s not that it isn’t amazing. It’s just not as amazing as I wanted. That being said the highlighter goes on creamy  and takes some effort to blend. It is buildable but it give yours face that icky, sticky feeling. I personally do not enjoy that. Being that the stick is double ended. The other end is great for light contour but again…that icky feeling. There are a number of shades to choose from. But be sure to test them out in store before committing to this. It’s a part of my November favourite simply for the fact I need to feel like I didn’t waste  $40.00.


4. Smashbox – L.A. Lights (Blendable Lip and Cheek Pencil) – $ 36.00

Last but not least Smashbox’s L.A. Light blendable lip and cheek pencil. This is one is a really nice soft highlight and blends amazing. comes with a blender on the opposite tip but the blender doesn’t work well. It’s round in shape and flat on the edges. Would’ve been ideal if the blender was completely rounded with no edges for smoother blending. I use a beauty blender or brush to blend out the product when using it as a highlight on my cheeks. As a lip colour it’s not ideal for my skin tone but works well with a lip liner to create a tone more suited for my skin tone.  There are various shades to choose from with these lip and cheek pencils.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 7.00.33 PM.png


What are some of your favourite highlighters and contouring products? I’m still on the look out for the most amazing highligher there is. something that just makes you glisten like a Goddess. Any leads? let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading

~ Natoya



NYX Ombré Lip Duo.

Hey Lovelies! It’s fall. ‘Tis the season of sweater dresses, cozy scarves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and LIPSTICK!!! I went on a seriously crazy lippie haul over the weekend. I’ll have a video up soon showcasing the haul.  Today though, I will be showing you the new to me NYX Ombré Lip Duo Lip Liner and lipstick in the colour deep. I picked this up on a whim. It was really affordable at around $13.00 goes on smooth and wears really well even through eating and drinking.  I love the ombre effect it creates depth and a bit of drama to the lips. I just  can’t get enough. Pics or it didn’t happen right? 

Great colour for dark Complexions

Ughhh! This is such a gorgeous colour.

Thanks for reading

~ Natoya

Summer’s End

Hey Guys,

The blogs have been few and far between. We’ve had a very full summer with tons of adventures. I’ve decided to break it up in to sub categories. I’ll be posting our past summer adventures every Friday  under the title: “Summer’s End – Part #1- etc.” This is the only way to show all our fun trips and interesting little tidbits  we got up to during summer ‘ 16! These may not necessarily appear in chronological order but none the less I’m committed to this. What were some highlights from your summer? What are some things you’re looking forward to this fall? Personally, I’m looking forward to a slower pace in my personal life. Just slowing things down a bit and spending time with my family. Also new summer booties!



Travelling in the Cariboo- Chilcotin region

On the recent Victoria Day long weekend. My partner and I decided to go on an impromptu road trip. This turned out to be one of the best crazy ideas we’ve had in a while. We ended up in the Cariboo Chilcotin region. As far north as Lac La Hache, antiquing and getting to know the locals. I’ve  added a couple photos of our trip. I’ll be adding these photos to my permanent collection if you are interested in prints. Drop me a line

View from the Top of the Old Alexandra Bridge. Just outside of Boston Bar

A grazing cow on the way to Lac La Hache.

Old Alexandra Bridge.

It’s really great to get out into nature whenever you get a chance.

Wine in a CAN!!!

Today I made an amazing discovery. WINE IN A CAN! Wine in anything is amazing but wine in w can is simply the best invention ever.
I discovered Big House Wine Company – The Birdman – Pinot Grigio at the checkout of our local B.C. Signature liquor store. I decided to try the Pinot Grigio and Zinfandel. Each wine comes in a 4oz. can with a caption reading

” two glasses of wine in one can!”
C’mon! Unless I’m filling my glass too much but 4 oz. is just a glass.


Moving on to taste. Now, I’m no expert. And I by no means had any expectations. So there is no wine snobbishness to account for. Just a mama who loves her wine.

The Pinot Grigio was smooth with hints of fruit flavours. I honestly loved it. I would certainly buy this agian. Perfect for picnics, the bus, soccer practices! I’m obviously joking about the last two. Don’t  take my word for it… Check it out for yourself.