I’ve always wanted to try bangs! but naturally i was afraid they wouldn’t fit my face. So what better way to go about changing up my do. Get a weave! I decided on getting hair extensions with bangs! and the results were amazing. I’m especially proud since I did it all on my own!

Bangs!! IMG_2003

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PNE, Roving Wool, D.I.Y. – Scarf

A week ago, I took my son to the PNE – Pacific National Exhibition, which is a seasonal fair and amusement park. I remember growing up in Vancouver in my teenage years that this was one of the many highlights of my summer. He was really excited to go on all the rides and eat greasy fair food. Unfortunately for my poor little Ben, he’s 46″ tall and the minimum height for most of the fun rides are 48″. We kept saying there is always next year as we go from kiddie ride to kiddie ride. I have to say I was more than relieved as i’m a bit of a chicken. I can’t stand those huge crazy rides. I literally want to cry! i’m not even kidding!! we went on a kiddie rollercoaster and i remember thinking oooh boy, mommy don’t be scared! pathetic I know. But the great thing about the fair is there is something for everyone. In the stables there were cute baby animals to Ohh and Aww over and ALAS!!! Roving Wool for mom to make scarves from.

dyed roving wool from Shades of Narnia

Dyed roving wool from Shades of Narnia

I picked up a couple bundles from a company called ” Shades of Narnia” located in Chilliwack BC. I’ve never worked with roving wool before but i love the fact it is so forgiving. I’ve since made two scarves with the bundles I’ve picked up..I do strongly suggest taking a trip to the PNE if you’re in the Vancouver area.

Extra Chunky Infinity Scarf

Extra Chunky Infinity Scarf

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Horseshoe Canyon, Lillooet BC, Canada.

On a family trip to the interior of British Columbia. It’s amazing how much the landscape changes as you drive further north.



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Ambleside, West Vancouver

A perfect sunset at Ambleside beach in West Vancouver, Canada.  


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Jelly Fish

Recently, I visited the Vancouver Aquarium and got lost in the wonder which was the Jelly Fishes. I feel as though I could sit for hours and just watch them move about delicately.


Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

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Subscription Box Issues – Ipsy

I decided to try the new craze of subscription boxes. Ipsy and Birchbox seem to be the two that people go for so I subscribed to both. I was excited eagerly awaiting my subscription boxes. Ipsy came first In a bright metallic pinkish/purple bubble envelope. my excitement was short lived however as the liquid from the hair spray had leaked out into the envelope and saturated everything. When I opened the bag it wreaked of the product I was really disappointed.
Aroura Gel Nail Polish I took a few photos then contacted Ipsy Care ( customer service) about the damaged goods. Ipsy Care was so good about it, A person named Peach replied within and few hours and due to the nature of the damage agreed to send me a brand new glam bag. I was sent the tracking information of the new glam bag.

I was perturb as the order was processed and uploaded into the shipping company and ready to be picked up. I checked back three days later and it still hadn’t had any activity on the shipping. finally five days later the bag was picked up from the Ipsy warehouse, shipped to Canada then shipped back to the States. Back to Canada and is still “in transit” from Ontario….long story short I haven’t seen this bag in my mailbox yet. I want to give Ipsy the benefit of the doubt because the one item that I did try from the glam bag was actually a really nice product…but for my first time testing Ipsy out. I’m loosing faith.

in my next blog I will talk about my Birchbox. Hopefully by then my replacement glam bag will have turned up.

Gel like finish nail polish

Gel like finish nail polish


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Ethical Body Butter

A few weeks ago I made an amazing batch of body butter using a few new ingredients after much research. I was hesitant to talk about the new body butter as I use myself as a Guiney pig to test out all my products. I feel that if I cant use it on my sensitive skin and my son’s  even more sensitive skin then I can’t sell it.  These new indigents help to make up our new Ethical Body Butter. All the ingredients used are certified organic and Fair Trade. We stand by this guarantee as we believe in fair wages, sustainable living, equal opportunity for everyone and a childfree workforce. The same tried and true ingredients stayed the same, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil. but the new ingredients are amazing and are as followings:

Whipped to Perfection

Whipped to Perfection

-Kokum Butter:  Kokum is indegious to India Aids in skin regeneration and is often used as a substitute of cocoa butter. Kokum is a harder butter which doesn’t work too well on it’s own part of the reason we incorporate it into our recipe. Kokum’s main usage is for dry, cracked and hard skin.

  • dry skin therapy
  • inflamed skin treatments
  • leaves skin feeling soft
  • thickener for lotions
  • improved barrier for natural hydration

– Aloe Vera Butter:

Aloe butter is an extract of aloe vera, aloe barbadensis, in a coconut fatty fraction. It is solid at room temperature, but melts on the skin. Can be used for dry skin and moisturizing after sun exposure. Helps to repair sunburns and soothes skin ailments.

Hazelnut Oil:

Hazelnut oil is a lightweight oil ideal for oily skin, and said to be appropriate for acne-prone skin as well. Has astringent qualities to it, and said to be easily absorbed into the skin. High in essential fatty acids, more so in oleic than linoleic. Its skin tightening qualities can allow it to be used as a toner, it can help strengthen capillaries and regenerate cells, and is said to have potential UV filter capabilities.

  • leaves skin feeling soft
  • tightens skin
  • improved hair/scalp/skin hydration

    whipped to perfection

    whipped to perfection

I promise you your skin will love you for trying out our product. You are able to purchase this product on our website:

On Etsy

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staying on top of things

Blogging as we all know is a tough job! it’s tough to keep yourself motivated to post interesting content at all times. How do you fellow bloggers do it? I find myself posting quite a bit to my other social media networks such as instagram and Twitter. And as a result neglecting my other blogs.  Do you believe that the face of blogging is changing? And maybe we are leaning more towards “140 characters” or less and more frequent updates, and a picture is worth a thousand words? Rather than updating our blogs such as wordpress and blogger?  I’m curious to know how all the bloggers out there remain revelant and up to date with the changing stream of social media.


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No One

I am nobody.

I am no one.

I am unknown.

my existance is mondain.

my life is routine.

I am no one.



a part of the machine.


I am nobody.


going with the ebb and flow

the push and the pull

I am unknown

no body, noone

settled in the routine.

collective of the generally population.

Jane Doe.

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