Summer’s End

Hey Guys,

The blogs have been few and far between. We’ve had a very full summer with tons of adventures. I’ve decided to break it up in to sub categories. I’ll be posting our past summer adventures every Friday  under the title: “Summer’s End – Part #1- etc.” This is the only way to show all our fun trips and interesting little tidbits  we got up to during summer ‘ 16! These may not necessarily appear in chronological order but none the less I’m committed to this. What were some highlights from your summer? What are some things you’re looking forward to this fall? Personally, I’m looking forward to a slower pace in my personal life. Just slowing things down a bit and spending time with my family. Also new summer booties!



Travelling in the Cariboo- Chilcotin region

On the recent Victoria Day long weekend. My partner and I decided to go on an impromptu road trip. This turned out to be one of the best crazy ideas we’ve had in a while. We ended up in the Cariboo Chilcotin region. As far north as Lac La Hache, antiquing and getting to know the locals. I’ve  added a couple photos of our trip. I’ll be adding these photos to my permanent collection if you are interested in prints. Drop me a line

View from the Top of the Old Alexandra Bridge. Just outside of Boston Bar

A grazing cow on the way to Lac La Hache.

Old Alexandra Bridge.

It’s really great to get out into nature whenever you get a chance.

Wine in a CAN!!!

Today I made an amazing discovery. WINE IN A CAN! Wine in anything is amazing but wine in w can is simply the best invention ever.
I discovered Big House Wine Company – The Birdman – Pinot Grigio at the checkout of our local B.C. Signature liquor store. I decided to try the Pinot Grigio and Zinfandel. Each wine comes in a 4oz. can with a caption reading

” two glasses of wine in one can!”
C’mon! Unless I’m filling my glass too much but 4 oz. is just a glass.


Moving on to taste. Now, I’m no expert. And I by no means had any expectations. So there is no wine snobbishness to account for. Just a mama who loves her wine.

The Pinot Grigio was smooth with hints of fruit flavours. I honestly loved it. I would certainly buy this agian. Perfect for picnics, the bus, soccer practices! I’m obviously joking about the last two. Don’t  take my word for it… Check it out for yourself.


How to wear your vintage blazer.

Mixing vintage peices with ready-to-wear fast fashion peices is not for everyone. Style comes naturally to some of us, but for people like me… We need a little bit of help mixing and matching the old with the new. I bought this awesome houndstooth blazer at a thrift shop almost a year ago and love it so much.

I’ve found so many amazing ways to wear this blazer. Since it’s a bit big for me. I wear it as an oversized boyfriend blazer with the sleeves rolled up. Paired with a tapered leg pant and dress shoes.  If you have a cute pair of heels throw them on to dress up this look.

Take a look at this video to see the final look.

Here is another way to rock the houndstooth.  This time paired with a green sweater, navy dress pants and houndstooth printed flats ❤️❤️. My favourite so far.  


We have a few vintage blazers in our Etsyshop.

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Happy Reading!!

Easy D.I.Y. Chalkboard Paint Labels

This weekend was particularly rainy. And I decided to finish a few projects which have sort of fallen by the wayside. I had bought these little jars to help sort my sewing notions. I didn’t want to go with your standard craft labels so instead went with chalkboard paint. That way I can change the label
without changing the label. Catch my drift? Here is a mini DIY! Hope you enjoy!




I also decided vintage doll heads would be a nice touch.


Vintage of the Day

Our etsyshop has been buzzing with some amazing vintage items. Everyday we list at least one new piece. The following items are not yet listed and are a part of my personal collection. But thought you might love to see them just the same.

  Vintage Yellow Touchtone Telephone 
  Vintage Singage.
I’m willing to part ways with them but only to the best home. 

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