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BITE Beauty Lip pencil

First things first! I’m beyond excited to be testing out BITE Beauty first ever line of Lip Pencils! And they are absolutely Fab!! I received these products complimentary for testing from HOWEVER, the opinions provided are my own and my feedback is without bias.

You all know i’m unhealthily obsessed with lipsticks and lip products. I simply cannot help myself. Imagine my amazement when I received the BITE LIP PENCIL VOX BOX from influenster. I died!! And went to lipstick heaven!!

The colour range of pencils is great for both the darkest of skin tones to the fairest skin tones and all the olive goodness in between.

The formula of these pencils are bar none. They are highly pigmented goes on smooth and the formula is consistent for all day wear. The Lip Pencil is pigmented enough so you are able to wear these as your lipsticks. SERIOUSLY!!! this is a major win for me as I find most lip pencil can’t stand the test of the eight hour work day. I know this because I’ve tried it.

The two colours I was lucky enough to test were: 044 and 020. I also received two lipsticks a nice light shade called “Honeysuckle” and a darker shade called “Whiskey”.

The darker lipstick was more suited to my skin tone but with my 040 Lip Pencil and Honeysuckle lipstick – BAM!! – an amazing ombré Lip.

Ombré lips are my fashion staple so you all know this was heaven for me. Bite Beauty can be found at Sephora and . I’m excited to try a couple more of their gorgeous lipsticks and lip pencils especially going into the spring summer months. There are quite a few gorgeous reds, pinks and tangerine undertones to choose from. If you all have checked out the BITE lip pencil line. Let me know which are your favourites in the comments below.

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“You’ve come a long way baby.”


When I was a girl, I remembered my aunt Dorret would visit us on her holidays from her home in Connecticut.  She would return to Jamaica once or twice each year. These visits would also mark a coming together of all our family members.  In the early years we spent this time at my grandparents little house in Prickly Pole, St. Ann, Jamaica. There was a lot of comings and goings. These are some of the fondest memories I have of being with my family there were lots of cousins, uncles, aunts, extended family and friends. On her visits  back home to Jamaica, it was always certain almost everyone would be the recipients of some very cool “foreign things.” This is  early ’90’s so things were a bit different during those years. What I was most excited for is knowing I would be the recipients of her old magazines. Some would frown upon this but this was my favourite part of my aunts gifts to me. My cousins and I would skim through the pages of Vogue, Cosmo and Good Housekeeping with sheer pleasure and fascination, and we would say things along the line of;

“Wow when I grow up I’m going to live in that house. Buy that car, wear this perfume and eat that food!”

All the while pointing vigorously at the photos of homes, cars, fashion and food.  If I remember correctly I once thought for sure I would rent myself an apartment in the south of France. We would pretend to be rich society women. Pretend to eat the food from the magazine pages and speak in  posh New York accents. When I look back it makes me laugh and cherish the little girl with the lavish dreams of success and glamour. I harkened to a time I felt the world was my oyster and all my goals were attainable. All I had to do was dream. I especially loved the ads in the magazine and one in particular called out to me every time I saw it.

In a bar sat this very beautiful long-legged Caucasian woman. She was wearing a bright fitted yet classy yellow dress, white strappy heeled shoes. In her manicured hands she held a long freshly lit Virginia Slim cigarette. She was half leaning over the bar from the bar stool she sat on. She seemed so extremely happy. Beneath the ad read….


And as young as I was, I remember thinking to myself when viewing this.

” Yes! This is who I would like to become.”

Keep in mind I was possibly 8 years old at this time. So, I didn’t understand the sexual undertones of the photo. I didn’t judge her, I just wanted to have success like she exudes in the ad. This brings me to my fourteen year old self strutting my way through Donald Sangster’s International Airport on my way to making my new life in Canada. I  remember feeling absolutely sanguinity.

I’ve certainly  came a long way. But I haven’t made it to New York just yet. There are times I was that woman in the ad. I’ve always enjoyed all of life’s richness. I’ve had my very high highs and I’ve also had my lows. But who hasn’t? I’ve seen my fair share of twist and turns in and in most people’s perspective I’ve yet to accomplish anything but I’m celebrating my personal victories. Celebrating my own personal best.

I suppose the nature of this post is to remind you all we need to celebrate ourselves. The journey is just as important as the destination. Let us take a minute today and just look back at how far you’ve made it over the years against all the odds stacked up against you. Now take a look at what your future may hold and say to yourself.


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D.I.Y. Orange Cleaner


I’ve always heard orange cleaners are the most environmental way to get your surroundings clean.Orange cleaners works well as degreaser also. And a huge bonus, they smell great. After developing a rash from a common household cleaner I  had  been using for many years. I decided to give this super simply D.I.Y. orange cleaner a chance. There are only two ingredients needed and a mason jar with a great seal. I figured how hard could this be? So here goes nothing

ingredients needed:

  1. washed orange peels
  2. Vinegar
  3. Mason Jar with a good seal.
  4. A Spray Bottle
  5. (Feel free to throw in a cinamon stick for scenting)



Photo Credit : Photo via <a href=””>Good Free Photos</a>



Simply wash and peel oranges and place the fresh peels into  your mason jar. Once the jar is 3/4 full with orange peels. Pour vinegar overtop of the peels until completely covered. Do not fill to the brim.



Let this sit for at least 3 weeks and BAM! you have orange cleaner! In the 3 week time period the citric acid in the orange peel and the acetic acid in  vinegar react with each other to pull the natural oils from the orange peels. This pulls the zest and oils from the peel which will eventually be your orange cleaner.


It really is that simply. Pour the orange cleaner into a spray bottle using the method of one part orange cleaner and 2 parts water as it will be quite strong. This will help clean, degreases and disinfect your space. This is especially ideal for children’s play areas. Orange cleaners also works well if you are sensitive to harsh chemicals and cleaners. Since there are no harmful ingredients. I hope you enjoyed this very simple project. Please let me know how this worked for you.

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GLOWZILLA! – My November Favourite Highlighters.



I feel nothing completes your makeup application than a really nice healthy glow. Often times that glow could just be your inner beauty shimmering through. Sometimes though we need a little help. Here is a list of my favourite highlighters of November. Most of these serve a dual purposes.  The first is Two Faced – Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer. This you may say isn’t a highlighter but I use it as one. C’mon rules are meant to be bended.

1. Two Faced – Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer. – $38.00


This gives you a nice golden, warmth to your skin. Works especially well on dark-skinned tones as a highlighter and on lighter skin tones as a Bronzer. This was my top favourite this month simply because you can wear it everyday. Ideal for work, or just popping out to do errands. It’s soft shimmer plays nicely off the light and looks great in photos


2. The Este Edit by Este Lauder – Hi Lo Styl0 Contour + Highlight (medium/dark) – $34.00



The Este Edit by Este Lauder – Hi Lo Styl0 Contour + Highlight  in medium/dark is perfect for precise highlighting. Especially down the bridge of your nose or high on the cheekbones. but completely secondary to that. THAT CONTOUR PENCIL THO!! this is perhaps the best contour pencil there is.  This is perfect for the jaw line and general contour.  Again another staple in my daily makeup routine. Another plus is this is easily blendable. I bought this at my local Sephora and thought  hmm, it’s a little pricey for what you actually get. But a little goes a long way and the $34.00 is worth it. Yes,  you read that correctly $34.00 steep but worth it.


3. M.A.C.  Studio QuikTrik Stick – $37.00


I bought this on impulse and I regretted it almost immediately. Although I do love M.A.C. Foundations and concealers I thought for sure without first testing, that this would be the amazing. And in all honest, it’s not that it isn’t amazing. It’s just not as amazing as I wanted. That being said the highlighter goes on creamy  and takes some effort to blend. It is buildable but it give yours face that icky, sticky feeling. I personally do not enjoy that. Being that the stick is double ended. The other end is great for light contour but again…that icky feeling. There are a number of shades to choose from. But be sure to test them out in store before committing to this. It’s a part of my November favourite simply for the fact I need to feel like I didn’t waste  $40.00.


4. Smashbox – L.A. Lights (Blendable Lip and Cheek Pencil) – $ 36.00

Last but not least Smashbox’s L.A. Light blendable lip and cheek pencil. This is one is a really nice soft highlight and blends amazing. comes with a blender on the opposite tip but the blender doesn’t work well. It’s round in shape and flat on the edges. Would’ve been ideal if the blender was completely rounded with no edges for smoother blending. I use a beauty blender or brush to blend out the product when using it as a highlight on my cheeks. As a lip colour it’s not ideal for my skin tone but works well with a lip liner to create a tone more suited for my skin tone.  There are various shades to choose from with these lip and cheek pencils.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 7.00.33 PM.png


What are some of your favourite highlighters and contouring products? I’m still on the look out for the most amazing highligher there is. something that just makes you glisten like a Goddess. Any leads? let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading

~ Natoya




NYX Ombré Lip Duo.

Hey Lovelies! It’s fall. ‘Tis the season of sweater dresses, cozy scarves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and LIPSTICK!!! I went on a seriously crazy lippie haul over the weekend. I’ll have a video up soon showcasing the haul.  Today though, I will be showing you the new to me NYX Ombré Lip Duo Lip Liner and lipstick in the colour deep. I picked this up on a whim. It was really affordable at around $13.00 goes on smooth and wears really well even through eating and drinking.  I love the ombre effect it creates depth and a bit of drama to the lips. I just  can’t get enough. Pics or it didn’t happen right? 

Great colour for dark Complexions

Ughhh! This is such a gorgeous colour.

Thanks for reading

~ Natoya

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Summer’s End – Tofino – NO VACANCY

To kick off my three-part Summer’s End series. Lets begin on Vancouver Island. On the weekend of August 13-14th I decide that it would be really fabulous to visit Tofino! I had never been and i thought what better way to spend your birthday than in Tofino? I also decided this on the Friday and my birthday was Sunday. There wasn’t a ton of planning involved so we just winged it. this proved to be a bit of a mistake.

We took an afternoon Ferry to Nanaimo and just casually drove down to Tofino. The moment we got there we decided to secure some accommodations as we had no reservations anywhere. I was alarmed by all the NO VACANCY signs which lined the side of the streets as we made our way to the centre of town. There were literally no places to stay. We headed to long beach to at least see the beauty of Tofino and enjoyed our little time here before we headed to Ucluelet to find a place to stay for the night. Long Beach was the most spectacular place I’d ever seen in B.C….well so far. The shoreline stretched as far as the eyes could see and gave you the most serene unobstructed view. Long beach was everything I had imagined it would be. There were surfers catching waves, People burning campfires, people camping, drumming, just relaxing and enjoying their surroundings. It was beautiful.

Long Beach, Tofino B.C.Toni Sky






Night was starting to fall so we headed towards Ucluelet for room and board and soon found out there is NO VACANCY there as well. We headed back through the mountain pass and towards Port Alberni. Where we found room and board atop of the only “nightclub” in town and when i say it was above the nightclub it was literally above the nightclub. At this point it was roughly 12 am and i was just tired of driving around. Not even the thumping sounds of Pitbull could keep me awake.

We got up early and headed out for some island exploring. YaY happy birthday to me. first stop Cathedral Grove. This is a must see a few very large old growth trees hundreds of years old. I stood in awe considering of how long these trees have stood here and what amazing stories they could tell. I felt like I had some sort of spiritual experience. Seriously!!

Cathedral Grove Forest

Since we are antique dealers amongst other things I wanted to see what the vintage shops had to offer. There was a sign on the side of the street which read.

” Old man selling cool things”

We pulled over to find an old gentleman in a barn selling cool things. I got a very beautiful old blue scale as a Birthday gift. The rest of the day was spent shopping around Victoria and doing the tourist thing. By the time we headed to the ferry I realized okay, We definitely cannot ever come back to this island without some serious planning. There had been some sport tournament and the intended Ferry we wanted to make was full even before it docked. We spent what felt like several hours at Schwartz bay playing on our devices and longing for home. All in all though it was a pretty great weekend. But if you plan to go to Tofino or surrounding areas a bit of planning will do you a world of good.

Next week we talk about our trip to Joffres Lake Provincial Park.